Welcome to our Digital Storytelling for Young Learners space!


Here you will be sharing all the stories you create and collaborate on with us. We are really excited about starting the EVO session and are looking forward to seeing some new ideas and creations. Here is a reminder of your very first task:


3,2,1 Introduction- Introduce Yourself & Get to Know Others

After you’ve joined our Yahoo and Posterous groups, send an email to digitalstorytelling4kids@posterous.com with your 3,2,1 introduction. Follow the steps below to complete the activity!


Step 1. Make sure to include in your presentation:
3  things we should know about you 

2  of your favorite activities in the world

1  dream job you would have if you weren’t a YL teacher


Step 2. Tag and add a Title to your Posterous post ((tag: Wk1, 321Intro))!

You can add a Title and tags to your 321 post by including these in the Subject Line of your email. Your Title should be Your Name’s 321 Introduction. To add tags through email, add tags in the subject of your email using the syntax ((tag: Wk1, 321Intro)). The tag syntax will not show up in the title of your post, but your post will be tagged with the tags you include. For more information on how this looks, please click here


Step 3. Be Creative

Many learners respond to visuals and multimedia. Posterous allows you to share video, images, and audio. Just attach any of these items to your email and it will automatically be posted. Alternatively, you can visit our sandbox of tools and decide to use one of them to accomplish the 3,2,1 activity. You will need to include a screen shot of your project and add the image as an attachment. Be sure to include a link to the original 3,2,1 project. You have a lot of freedom on how you would like to present the activity so be imaginative and creative. We are looking forward to seeing your stories!


3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. There were no rules for format, Aleda! I loved your introduction, and love giving your cool bug banner more exposure :)<div>barb<br><br></div>

  2. Aleda – don’t sigh … we’re still the first week and even if it’s later, you can still use the sandbox to introduce yourself again 🙂

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