Daniela Mon??rdez 321 Introduction

This is my introduction/presentation for EVO workshops Digitools and Digital Story Telling… I may have gotten carried away, but it’s just that I really enjoyed making this. I used sliderocket incase anyone would like to know. 

Click to watch!

Daniela Monárdez




10 thoughts on “Daniela Mon??rdez 321 Introduction

  1. What a really great presentation! It’s ok to get carried away and have fun! We hope your students will also get so excited about these tools!

  2. This is a great presentation, I loved every word you said about yourself as a teacher, as a fun and family person. I feel exactly the same about my students, learning and being purposeful in every way. I also love learning and sharing, I’ve gone back to University (to finish my Master’s thesis) before I had my second child and now I still continue learning, exploring new options and try to have fun on the way… Thanks for this, I’ll try to use Sliderocket to see what I can do with it. 🙂

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