Diane’s 3-2-1 Introduction


I’m Diane Horvath and a first-time participant in an EVO course. I’ve already enjoyed many of your introductions using a variety of tools!
My introduction was created on Zimmertwins. I had introduced it to my 3rd and 4th graders last year who absolutely loved creating
a good-bye message to our principal.

 Here’s the link to my creation:  http://www.zimmertwins.com/node/1240334


6 thoughts on “Diane’s 3-2-1 Introduction

  1. Hi Diane,I have used Zimmer twins in the past but it appears that there is no longer a free version so most people won’t be able to see your video. I’m sure it’s fantastic though!

  2. Hello Diane,Unfortunately you we won??t be able to watch your amazing creation. In order to share your creation you need to pay. One option would be to take snapshots of you comic and share it with us.Warm regardsJennifer

  3. I can’t believe Zimmer twins isn’t free anymore. I would have loved to use it! Does anyone know any alternatives? Another site which I was looking forward to using was xtranormal but that isnt free anymore either 😦

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