Getting to know you by David Smart


Here’s the movie I made:

I just made this movie with Flixlab, a great new app that lets you create & share great movies in seconds right from your iPhone or iPod. Check it out!

Download Flixlab for free:

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8 thoughts on “Getting to know you by David Smart

  1. Great video, dude! Whereabouts in the Caribbean are you? I’ve only been to St. John and Cozumel, but would love to explore more!

  2. Barb -I live in Barranquilla -a city of more than 1 million inhabitants located on the coast of the Caribbean between the famous city of Cartagena and Santa Marta. Cartagena’s fame is mostly associated with the days of pirates while Santa Marta is better known for Simon Bolivar and this country’s struggle for independence.Glad you liked my 321.Cheers.:D

  3. Thanks for the tip on an iphone app. Your intro is engaging with music, pictures and text. The "stranded" picture really let me laugh.

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