Mariel’s 321 Introduction.


I’m an EFL teacher and work mostly teaching Literature to EFL teachers- to- be, and have been doing so for about 20 years.

I’ve participated in EVO sessions several times, and I’m really looking forward to Digital Storytelling. Although I’m not teaching children, I’m sure it will help me a lot with Literature.

I’ve chosen Glogster for my 321, which I learnt on EVO Podcasting last year, and which proved really fruitful with my students…

7 thoughts on “Mariel’s 321 Introduction.

  1. I love Glogster! I wish there were a version I could use offline with my students. I was in the EVO on podcasting last year, too. It was wonderful, wasn’t it?

  2. I really love Glogster, it lets you add so many different tools on one page! Thanks for creating an introduction on Glogster!!

  3. Thanks to whoever embedded my Glog!It’s really versatile because of the number of media it let’s you bring together, though probably it’s not the best tool for a story because it lacks any chrolonolical development.

  4. Hi Mariel! A pleasure to see you in another EVO session! Have I told you I go to Rosario often? We may meet some day! Great job!

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