Welcome to Week One!

The theme of this week is to play and explore. We want to you get to know each other, become familiar with our online spaces, and create your first storytelling project–your 3-2-1 Introduction. 

Be sure to look at the syllabus for this week on our wiki.

(If you downloaded the syllabus earlier, there have been changes. You’ll want to download the current version)

We have a very diverse group from virtually every time zone in the world, with a broad range of experience (and comfort) using online tools, and from many different teaching contexts. We’re going to learn a lot from each other because of the differences we bring to this course! 

1. Don’t be shy! 

If you aren’t sure how to do something, or if you have questions, ask. If you think of a way to adapt one of the tasks or tools to work better in your teaching situation, share. Share your thoughts and ideas, and reply to others’ comments. If you see someone having trouble, help. People who jump in and participate have the most fun (and learn the most, too)!

2. Make friends.

If you read through moderator and participant profiles, you see that some people list different places to find them online. Friend each other on Facebook, follow each other on Twitter, share skype IDs, etc. If you prefer to work with others rather than working alone, this is a good way to find like-minded participants, too! If you would like to add online contact information to your profile, our wiki is infinitely editable 🙂

3. Play, experiment, make mistakes!

Digital storytelling is FUN! Don’t worry about making mistakes. There’s nothing you can do that can’t be fixed. The best way to learn how to use new tools is to try them. There are more wonderful tools than we could fit into our five weeks, and so we created the Sandbox page on our wiki. Feel free to browse tools in your free time and play with them. If you like any of the projects you create, please post them to our posterous blog (don’t forget to tag them “Sandbox”).

4. Use the help desk.

If you have a question or something doesn’t seem to work, leave us a message in the comments section on the help desk page on our wiki. We’ll make sure you get an answer.

We’re excited to get started!

Esra, Sabrina, Shelly and Barb (your Week 1 moderators)


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