Catherine Littlehale Oki’s 321 Introduction


8 thoughts on “Catherine Littlehale Oki’s 321 Introduction

  1. Thank you Mariel for liking this. This was my first time using Animoto. It took me a long time and already I see many things I would do differently. For example, I can make it progress faster (it is kind of long, sorry!). Animoto is great and I am sure it will get even better as I learn more about how to use it.

  2. Wow Cat! What a fantastic introduction. I learned so much about you and now I want to try Animoto myself! You were truly successful!

  3. What a wonderful Animoto! I can’t believe this was your first attempt. I’m totally jealous of your skill from the start :-)I love the music, too. Is Gabriel a friend of yours?

  4. Wow! It’s your first time and you have created an amazing Animoto!!! I can’t wait to see you using all the other tools that we are going to learn!Cheers,??zge

  5. Thanks for the nice comments everyone. I love making PowerPoints to tell stories in class, so this was a bit like that, I guess. Barb, Gabe is one of my besties from college and I am super proud of everything he does because I know he puts his heart into it all! Glad you liked the song. I like to sing along to it in a 3 part harmony when I can figure out the notes ; -) Here’s the link to his music since you can’t click on the video.

  6. Wow! Catherine this is amazing and it’s your first time! You are talented, really:) 4 older + 1 younger + you makes 6 and this is huge and must be fun. If you are using power point to tell stories give "Prezi" a try. It’s an online presentation tool and it is cool!

  7. Esra, thank you for the recommendation! I just looked at the website. I always wondered how the TED Talk presenters did what they did. It seems I may have figured that out. I see a lot of potential for this in the classroom. Thank you. I will try it! As for my family, they taught me a lot about how to have fun and be silly. It’s very handy in the classroom =:^)

  8. Hi, Cat! Happy to be here and learning with you. Love your Animoto, Congratulations on being a new author. Loved ALL of your photos. Hope to see you in real life sometime soon.Alison Miyake

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