Jo Hayes’ 321 intro


Here's my 321 intro. Looking forward to meeting everyone. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Jo Hayes’ 321 intro

  1. Hello Jo,What a lovely Storybird :-)You have a very nice job and I love using the website with my young learners.Warm regardsJennifer

  2. Nice to meet you Jo, I use the website every week with my students! It’s full of entertaining games, videos and songs! Congrats!

  3. I love your site Jo! What a great job that must be! Nice to meet you.. Loved your presentation. I plan to experiment with Storybird a bit now that I’ve seen it.:)

  4. Hi everyone thanks for the likes and comments. Nce to meet you all! 🙂 I’m checked the storybird and discovered it was considered spam. I’ve removed the name of the website I manage – maybe that was the problem. Fingers crossed it gets through the moderation process!

  5. BTW – glad you like and use the website. 🙂 Also re storybird – I’d never used it before this and showed it to a colleague and they used it this week with their advanced teen class and it went down really well – fairly easy to sign up a class too apparently.

  6. Hi Jo. From the comments your post sounds great but when I try to access it, the site says the post is private. How can I view it? Thanks!

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