11 thoughts on “Kim Horne’s 3-2-1 Intro!

  1. Hello Kim,It’s great to see you here =)Your video is private, is it possible to change your settings? We are looking forward to hearing what you have said =) Cheers,??zge

  2. I could watch it now!! Kim, you are super energitic!! and yes your hair is very stylish and I would sure to come to your show =)

  3. Kim, everything in you is just GREAT!! From your hair, smile, your voice and most of all the sound of your laughter!!!! Can’t wait to see your movie!!

  4. Thank you, Everyone, for your all of your "likes" and warm comments! I look forward to enjoying our creative work together. This is such an amazing opportunity and I’m glad to be here!

  5. You are the greatest, Kim! You make ME laugh. And I love your photos!! You are an actress. You perform great classes and present wonderful learning opportunities for your students and fellow teachers. Hope I can see you LIVE again. (But I would go to your movie anyday, too. In fact, I should just have a little snoop around in your YouTube channel!!)Looking forward to working with you here!Alison Miyake

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