Cool animation from Buket

Dear all,
I’ve been learning and using different tools since the very beginning of this awesome online program:)Here’s my Week 1 Intro:)Hope you’ll like it.Looking forward to more sharings and collaborations:)All the best…

Movie Title: Buket’s 3-2-1 Introductions Buket’s 3-2-1 Introductions by Buket

Like it? Create your own at It’s free and fun!


5 thoughts on “Cool animation from Buket

  1. It’s great to hear that you give a try to the tools we all share here. I embedded your post to the page. I hope it is fine with you:)Esra

  2. Dear Esra,Thank you so much:)) I’ve been using all the tools and now I have lots of stories to share :)I’m sharing all these with my class ,aged 15.They are all looking forward to more technology in class.Thanks to all moderators and colleagues for their cooperation.All the best,Buket:)

  3. Thank you Esra,Michelle,Elizabeth,Sophia , Meltem and all other friends for the likes:))I think my first digitalstory is too short but I’m improving;) I have had lots to share on my posterous blog:)))Thanks for all your contributions:)

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