Elizabeth Anne’s 1-1-1

Hello everybody,
I am very pleased to be here learning with you.
Although I was born in the UK, I have lived in France for a looooong time.
I like being French πŸ™‚ but in view of the long shared history of France and the UK, I think it's quite different to teaching English on more neutral ground πŸ™‚
So I'm quite used to being the "odd one out" – and in the present case I've done it again because I teach at the University and just love teaching my scientists. So I'm really looking forward to being inspired by your creativity.


4 thoughts on “Elizabeth Anne’s 1-1-1

  1. Oh dear – Animoto has lost the end of my video :-(Technical details for learning together:I reduced the size of the video to 30 secThen, because I have a paying account with animoto, I downloaded and attached the video to my email, rather than put it on You Tube as Shelly said she did.(I was embarrassed to have meeeeeeee on my youtube channel ! :-)And also I wasn’t sure how to embed the YouTube video here when posting by email I guess one just puts the embed code into the body of the email?Could anyone confirm please ?

  2. For youtube, just include the link for your video in the BODY of the email. Posterous should turn it into an embedded video.At least, that’s what I did πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Elizabeth,I love using Animoto too! I thinks it’s a great tool!And I also agree that we learn a lot from our students….all the time!

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