Helena’s 3-2-1 Introduction


Dear moderators,
Please find enclosed a screen shot for my 3-2-1 project and the link for it: http://storybird.com/books/3-2-1-this-is-me/?token=t9n7pp
Best regards from Portugal and the wishes of a great working week!

12 thoughts on “Helena’s 3-2-1 Introduction

  1. Welcome Helena,What nice pictures you have on your Storybird!! I am also very interested in web 2.0 tools. You can still be a ballet dancer, it is never late for your dreams =)

  2. Hi Helena,I really liked your intro and the tool! The pictures are beautiful!!!!! Are they free on Storybird?Thanks for sharing.Erika

  3. Dear Helena, congratulation on your presentation! My students love using Storybird for their stories too . I like your idea for 321 introduction.

  4. Dear Erika,Thank you for your kind words! And the pictures are free on Storybird. You can find them under ADVENTURE theme!See you around! Best regards!Helena

  5. Dear Esra, Michelle and ValydThank you for your nice thoughts! It was my first storybird experience and became fan of it 🙂 For sure pupils will love it!!! Great for creative writing in any language.Best regards from Portugal!Helena

  6. I had heard about Storybird, but not seen an example until now. Your story was lovely. I hope you still dance in some form. Personally I love Zumba!

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