Yitzha’s 321 Intro

Hello all ^_^

My name is Yitzha Sarwono but you all can just call me Icha.

My 3 2 1 Introduction would be:

#3 things you should know about me :

I come from a long line family tree of teachers.

I love my cats! They are a part of our family, even my parents refer to them as ‘the kids’

I don’t know any other job but teaching, even during school year; my part time job was tutoring my classmates and coaching drumband! 😀

#2 of my favorite activities in the world

Cooking! And I love the fact that I get to use it as one of my teaching tools

Writing. don’t get me wrong, I’m not a good one,just feel that I’m someone that can pour her thoughts better in letters than in words 😉

#1 dream job I wish if I weren’t a teacher would be a pastry chef like Anna olson! Or a traveling and cooking writer ^_^


and this is a little something I made, enjoy!




5 thoughts on “Yitzha’s 321 Intro

  1. Yitzha, what is it you are cooking? It looks delicious! Do you really cook meals for your students? They are adorable. But I wanted to see a drumband picture, too? Can you share one?

  2. Hi AledaPlease just call me Icha ^_^On the 1st I cooked spaghetti carbonara and the 2nd one with my students I cooked chocolate Pancakes. I do cook for my students every once in a while, our school allow us to do so and as the head of teachers there I am sort of free to decide ;-)Hey, if we connect on Facebook, you can see more pics of my drumband kids, I posted many there :-)To Barb ; thank you so much, they sure are my sunshine! Esra, Ozge, Michelle and Mariel, thanks for liking it -blush-Icha

  3. Beautiful! It’s great that you cook for your class. Is it a part of class or do you do it outside class? This reminded me – Once I made sushi with students in the states and they loved making them – but didn’t eat much as seaweed was totally strange for them lol

  4. Thank you ^_^Well, sometimes cooking is part of my teaching like when I teach about vegetables or food but sometimes it’s just the perfect occasion to do so, like new years’ party. so I have always done it inside my classroom.I know what you meant by sea weed thing, once I cooked cane bread and curry, they enjoy the bread but avoid the curry as it was a bit to creamy for them! :D^_^

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