Cleide??s 321 Introduction

Hi. My name is Cleide. I´m glad to be here sharing ideas with you all. I hope to learn a lot.

8 thoughts on “Cleide??s 321 Introduction

  1. <html><head></head><body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><div>Finally, I was about to give up, I just couldn’t see it among the others. Thanks for liking &nbsp;it!</div><div><br><br>Enviado via iPad</div><div><br>Em 11/01/2012, ??s 11:46, Posterous &lt;<a href=""></a></div></body></html>

  2. Fabulous! I love the idea of marrying a cook rather than being one. That’s one of the reasons I like having sashimi for dinner–it doesn’t require any cooking 🙂

  3. Very cute . . . You did it! Love the photo of the cook . . we may all want to marry him (though my husband is my good-looking cook in the kitchen!)

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