Sandbox: Little Bird Tales by Mariel

I have created this tale usimg Little Bird Tales. The story is by Indian writer Suniti Namjoshi.
The pictures were selected via CompFight and Wikimedia Commons. However, they all require attribution, and I don’t know how to include that information using a site like this. Any tips?


4 thoughts on “Sandbox: Little Bird Tales by Mariel

  1. Hi Mariel, I believe that you can upload files like ppt. You might be able to prepare a powerpoint or another file and add the credits before you upload. I hope it helps!Dani

  2. Love your story! It looks like the pictures were taken just for it. Dani’s idea would work, I think. I’ve never used this tool, but I have edited photos before in order to add attribution. (just by adding text saying "image: barbsaka" or "wikicommons: barbsaka" or something like that). Then upload them from your desktop.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. The thing is the pics are not mine, and the correct attribution for each one would be sth like ‘’ ‘Walsingham, Lord Burley, and the rest by One lucky guy, on Flickr’ (or so I believe). Perhaps I’m being overconscientious?

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