8 year old son on iPad

Here’ what my 8 year old, bored 1 day during his x-mas holiday, created with comic book! App. Although we often speak with our son in English, he rarely communicates with us other than in his native tongue -Spanish. When he showed me this comic I was floored. I can’t believe I forgot to show this piece off earlier.


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2 thoughts on “8 year old son on iPad

  1. Ha Ha Ha really this is very interesting face of your son. i laughed a lot. in which class he is studying. i am impressed to see it . i have a daughter of three years, i will try to do something with her activities. actually i am not expert yet with the videos and how to send it. i hope i will learn it very quickly. regards

  2. My son studies at a local EFL school here in Barranquilla, Colombia. He actually did this comic completely on his own volition and without any training on how to use the comic book app. The iPad is so easy to use, he figured out how to email the finished comic to his mom on his own. Kids are so intuitive when it comes to the iPad -it’s sorta scary πŸ™‚

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