Heather Davis – 3,2,1 Introduction

My Animoto 3,2,1 Introductory Video

twitter:?? @toadie1951
Personal Skype: greenisle13
Professional Skype: heatheratschool
Second Life: siobhan oceanlane

4 thoughts on “Heather Davis – 3,2,1 Introduction

  1. We have a lot of things in common! I love going to the beach. Luckily in February I??ll be on holidays:-) Thank you for sharing this amazing Animoto.

  2. Hi, Heather. I am a fellow Canadian, living in Japan. I love your Animoto introduction. I think you may have inspired me – I have been meaning to do more on Animoto and I would love a self-introduction like yours!Do you live in Guatemala City now? That is very exciting. I guess you are excited to be missing the Toronto winters, too. Lots of cold and snow in Ontario right now, I can see from the CBC news app on my new iPhone. And I can see that you are excited about your new job. Lots of great new things coming.I look forward to working with you on DigitalStoytelling.

  3. What a lovely introduction, Heather! There must be some interesting stories behind teaching in China, and moving to Guatemala City! I’d love to hear them 🙂

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