Alison Miyake’s 321 Introduction

3: I love yoga and reading. I am originally from Vancouver Island, but have been living in Japan for 14 years.  I like learning languages.

2: walking in the woods, being with family

1: set up seminars for people relocating overseas to teach them about the local culture, and provide cross-cultural and language training

Alison Miyake


3 thoughts on “Alison Miyake’s 321 Introduction

  1. Hi Alison, Nice to see your comment on my 3,2,1 Introduction. I wasn’t sure how to respond so I came over to your area. 🙂 I love Animoto because it is so easy. I pay the money every year for the next level so I can make longer videos. I also use the account with my students.Actually, we do not live that far apart from each other as I am in Beijing, China. Maybe I should have mentioned that in my intro 🙂 I have been here for 8 years but will be in Guatemala next August.I am from outside of Toronto so I am Maple Leafs fan. :)Keep in touch.Heather

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