Welcome to Week 2

Dear Participants,

After a busy week in which many of you created promising 321 Introductions on our Posterous, and attended your first on-line webinar, the time has come to welcome all of you to Week 2. Now that you’ve become acquainted with the wiki and Posterous, it’s time to consider how to use comics in your own context to make it relevant for your learners.
Before starting take a look at the main objectives for week 2:

  • become familiar with web tools to create comics with young learners.
  • learn how to create comic stories with these tools.
  • reflect on the use of comics in the classroom
  • explore ways to integrate comics in their classroom in ways that improve reading and writing skills of learners
  • discover mobile apps for creating comics
  • create a comic using one of the tools from this week
  • send an email post to Posterous with an attached image of your comic

Please check our Week 2 Tutorial page to learn how to capture an image on your screen, how to save your comics as images, and how to send your comic to Posterous:


Our tools this week highlight three types of comics:

Make Beliefs

There are many more in the sandbox. Have fun playing!

Be ready to jazz up your classes with comics and remember that we are always here to help if you have questions.

Looking forward to sharing another wonderful week together!
Barbara, Shelly and Jennifer


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