Buket’s Hodja story

Dear all,
I’m sharing one of Nasreddin Hodja jokes with you.Nasreddin Hodja jokes and his stories
are commonly used in our lessons and course books.All his stories and jokes teach
a lesson for kids.We also have his jokes in our English Main course books.Regards,


4 thoughts on “Buket’s Hodja story

  1. Funny joke, Buket! My students enjoy jokes and funny stories, too. Would you like to change the title of your post? If you write what you’d like to have as a title then I can edit the post for you.Also, the reason your tags are still in the title is that the format you used is just slightly off. You need a colon after "tag" and a comma between Wk2 and comic. I’m going to add the tags to your post (changing "comic" to "sandbox") but leave yours in the title for now, so you can see the difference.

  2. Dear Barbara thank you so much for your offer of help:)I ‘d be glad if you can change:))Our students like jokes and acting those jokes in class too.I’m also participating in EVO Drama sessions and learning from both sessions a lot.Nasreddin Hodja tales and jokes are important elemnts of our culture but these days students enjoy modernised Hodja jokes:)))

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