Make Beliefs Comix by Mariel


Make Beliefs is again very simple to use, and requires no registration. At first I couldn’t get the “Start” screen on IE, so I switched to Chrome, and there it was.
When you finish you can print the cartoon or email the link, but even after emailing it you can still edit it further (as long as you don’t leave the window).

I’m attaching a Jing screen capture, and the link is

4 thoughts on “Make Beliefs Comix by Mariel

  1. Now we must become constant learners and keep abreast with educational technology trends. I love this new way of teaching and consider it very creative. The more you know the more you can juggle with all these tools.Make Beliefs is a very simple tool worth using in the classroom to introduce a new topic.Congratulations Mariel you are creating wonderful digital stories.Keep up the amazing work!!

  2. I’m addicted to digitalkids:) Thank you Jennifer it’s like juggling and trying to learn how to keep them on the right track:)Safe ,easy and very creative indeed:)))LOL.Buket.

  3. Superb intro for Make Belief! I found it super simple and easy as well!If you are Mac user, screen shot is super easy:Shift+option+4 keys :-)I didn’t know this function before. It has been super fun learning!

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