My 1st try out – Yitzha


Hello Everyone ^_^

Here is my 1st attempt in making the comic using Make beliefs comix.
Please have a look and tell me what you guys think of it. I'm open to all suggestions 😉

Icha Sarwono

7 thoughts on “My 1st try out – Yitzha

  1. Hi BarbWell, there you have it, my clown phobia :DI don’t know why there is a box under my strip there though…. Maybe I messed up a bit.Well, I’ll try to make a new one using another tools then.^_^Icha

  2. Sometimes things act strangely. For example, there’s a box at the end of my earlier comment. It was a smiley face on my computer screen, but it didn’t translate well 🙂

  3. The box under the strip is from Jing. Maybe when you were about to copy and paste your comic you clicked on the text box. Congratulations Icha!! Can??t wait to read your next comic 🙂

  4. Hi Chiyuki, thanks a lot for the big heart, I need it :)Jennifer: oh, that must be it then, oh well, I’ll fix it the next time then . Thanks a lotHi Buket, if you don’t mind the silly box under and the misspelled on the last strip, then feel free to do so. I’m honored 🙂

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