Storybird by Erin

Dear Colleagues,

I wrote a simple (but not so short) story on Storybird that I’d like to share with you. 

The watercolor pictures were so inspiring that they almost told the story themselves.
I spent some time to get the rhymes and rhythms right because I find them very helpful in teaching foreign languages.
I deliberately didn’t name the cat or call it “he” or “she”, though it definitely has a lot of personality. 

It’s “The Cat who liked to read books.” I hope you like it.

Erin Bouma
Moscow, Russia

4 thoughts on “Storybird by Erin

  1. I told my 9 year old daughter to read the story for me and she loved it 🙂 She asked some specific vocabulary e.g.dragonfly. She was highly impressed to read a digital book created by a teacher. Now she wants her teacher to create one for her classes.This is an amazing story!A big cyber clap to Erin 🙂

  2. Thank you, Jennifer, Mariel, Buket, Barb, Chiyuki and Shelly.The story, "The Cat who liked to read books" was really fun to do. The initial picture gave me the prompt and title. In an age when reading has become such an issue in the schools, why not start with a fanciful concept of a cat reading– and enjoying– books? I felt that would immediately draw interest. I liked using the circular idea– that off reading a book, having an experience, then writing a book to read–, as well. I think this could prompt children’s imaginations, as well.I put it together and started writing, saved it and returned to it three days later to polish it. I think students who are given an opportunity to tell stories should also be given time to create something they can be proud of. As it is, they have too much "throw-away" classroom activity and homework to produce of little consequence, meaning or value.Warmly,Erin

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