my comic for WK2

hi all, I ???d like to share my comic with you.I hope you like it





5 thoughts on “my comic for WK2

  1. Nice, Esen. Which bear represents you? I like to sleep, too, although I never seem to get enough!The next time you post, why don’t you try to use jing to take a picture of your comic and then attach that to an email and send it to the posterous. That way the comic will be embedded in your post instead of a link that takes us away from the page.Also, the tags for this week should be written like this in your subject line:((tag: Wk2, sandbox))

  2. Hi Barb,second bear represents me but I like to sleep at the same time:)By the way; I am really glad to be here..because;To tell the truth;I am a new learner and I try to learn as much as I can.,but,as you see;I can make mistakes from time to time.:(..So,thanks for your warning..I ‘ll try to use jing next time :)see youEsen

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