Create a Comic


Here is the creative result of my tinkering with the Comics Lab from Professor Garfield’s website!

I made a 3-panel Garfield comic strip and it was really fun. The Comics Lab is super user-friendly and I really like how real it looks because they supply you with all the trappings of how the real comic strip looks in the Sunday Comics or on the cartoon :).

I could definitely see this being a fun and engaging project for young learners, especially ones who haven’t yet been introduced to Garfield!


2 thoughts on “Create a Comic

  1. Wonderful comic, Maiya. Glad you’re enjoying making comics.I thought my students wouldn’t like Garfield because they weren’t familiar with the strip, but I was wrong! They think the characters are cute, even if it’s the first time they’ve seen them. Thanks for sharing your opinion about the Comics Lab, too! I’m sure other teachers will find it useful.

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