my attempt with Garfield


Hi everyone

This is my attempt in making Garfield comic. I actually had it as part of our reading homework back then when I taught teen classes several years ago. What I did was I gave a page of Garfield comic then asked them to translate it to bahasa Indonesia using their own interpretation. I also asked them to continue the story and filled the dialogue ballons with their own words

Anyway, Feel free to give comment or criticize as I’m opened to all opinion. After all , those will make me a better learner, right? Thanks a lot



8 thoughts on “my attempt with Garfield

  1. I can’t open this download, Icha. Could you perhaps use jing to take a picture of the comic? If you don’t want to resend the entire post, just send me the picture and I’ll replace it here.

  2. Hi Barb<div>here it is, the same comic captured by jing. Sorry for the troubles :)</div><div><br></div><div>Icha<br><br></div>

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