Catherine Oki Wk 2 Garfield Cartoon

I have not actually told my students that will be doing this, but I imagine this is how it will go! One of my co-teachers was very excited when I showed her some of the websites. I used Jing to capture the 2 strips. Excited to use Jing more! I still don’t understand Bublr. Little by little… 

3 thoughts on “Catherine Oki Wk 2 Garfield Cartoon

  1. I love this, Catherine! I’m glad your co-teacher is excited to use some of the tools, too. Always great to share the love …. 🙂

  2. A cyber clap for your wonderful comics Catherine!! You are doing an amazing job. It takes time and motivation to learn how to use all these tools. Please let me know how can I help you with Bublr.

  3. Thanks, barb and Jennifer. I was really motivated by the other participants’ work, too. I see so much potential, but I am really trying to think which group of students will be best to use this with. Sharing with my co-teachers is the only way!As for Bubblr, I don’t understand how to get the image from flikr. I tried to put in a tag, but nothing happened. Is there a tutorial? Thanks for offering to help, Jennifer!

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