Retelling with comics


This is a retell that I did about the Hercules story, which I read this week with a student. Next week, HE does the retell! I used Create a Comic on my ipad for this.


6 thoughts on “Retelling with comics

  1. Great idea, Ellen! Did your student enjoy your retelling? I hope you’ll let us know how it works next week when he does the creating.

  2. Hi Ellen. Are there lots of comic tools on the IPAD? (this could be the excuse I was looking for to buy one 🙂 Does the student have an IPAD too?

  3. <div>Hi, Peter,</div> <div>I've only learned about 2 in this class–&quot;create a comic&quot; and &quot;Toontastic&quot;. I've also got &quot;Puppet Pals&quot; and &quot;Sock Puppets&quot;. Puppet Pals lets you use your own photos for backgrounds and characters. I too am??on the lookout for more of this kind of app! </div> <div>??</div> <div>Right now I have only my personal iPad that I use. I have recently??had one donated??from Donors Choose, but it hasn't yet arrived–I am on pins and needles! At that point I'll have two, and I'm planning to divide my small groups into smaller groups to use the two for things like making cartoons. </div> <div>??</div> <div>Yes, I waited several months looking for the right excuse to get an iPad, but once I did, I was SO glad I did! I waited a few more months to make sure I wanted to get a second one for my classroom–not sure if there were enough worthwhile apps to warrant requesting one–but again, I'm SO glad I did! My kids will jump through any hoop I hold up if I promise them iPad time at the end of the class period! They love playing the sight word and phonics games. <br> <br></div>

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