Using a poetry ((Wk3 sandbox))

Dear all,
I’ve been writing 5-lined poetry, Gogyoka, <a href=",,</span>
for a couple of years. 
I thought Gogyoka has so much potential for kids to explore their own world, using simple lines. In my view, poetry itself is free from all the rules of writing and is a creative form to liberate your inner voice. So, I’ve been using foundation of Gogyoka in class. 
This morning, I thought, “That would be more enjoyable if I combine this form with image created on GoAnimate. ” 
So, here it is… The Picture by chicoconut

Like it? Create your own at It’s free and fun!


3 thoughts on “Using a poetry ((Wk3 sandbox))

  1. I agree with you Chiyuki,poetry is your inner voice and it’s very creative esp. for YL who are eager to express themselves through such creative forms of art and technology:)))Regards,Buket.

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