Buket’s Video story(( tags:Wk3,videostories))


Buket’s video story
In my school students have a yearning desire for learning and especially improving their English Language communicative skills.
We have been using technology in our classes intensively for more than four years.Students are preparing their video stories 
and their presentations related with our topics during in Main Course lessons.They both enjoy collaborating in teams ,
 improve their language skills and social identity. 

3 thoughts on “Buket’s Video story(( tags:Wk3,videostories))

  1. Hi Buket,Thanks for showing us inside your classroom with this great video!What do your students use to make video stories and presentations? Any special web tools or just a video camera?:)

  2. Thank you Ozge &David,I am a teacher at Kars??yaka Anadolu Lisesi,Izmir.My colleagues and I have been doing collaborative ,student centered,project based studies in our school.We are doing Youth Innovations and Entrepreneurship Project in our school and our students have the chance of collaborating in this global project.We are using social media in our project and our students are using video stories in our Elluminate Live sessions with their peers around the world.LOL:)))

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