Tamaki’s photopeach 1

Tamaki’s first photopeach. Loved the quiz feature. Isn’t it great for students to check their vocab? I’m sure students themselves can make quizzes by themselves.


6 thoughts on “Tamaki’s photopeach 1

  1. Dear Tamaki,I’m sending you lots of stars&hearts for this wonderful sharing.The quiz is also wonderful.I’ll share this activity with my students ASAP:)))LOL,Buket.

  2. I loved your quiz and had only one mistake 🙂 but I learnt so much from you and got an idea which I’ll do with my students. :)))) Thanks so much for this! 🙂

  3. Hi Tamaki,It’s great to get to know you even better through this. I saw the card you made for me! I love natto too! And taking photos! Very inspiring!

  4. Ohhh thank you all so much for wonderful comments and hearts!!!Dave – Natto is fermented soybeans that Japanese ppl enjoy eating with steamed rice 😉 Ppl say it’s sticky and smelly. Don’t trust them!

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