Dani Lyra’s Photopeach,

Hi everyone! Here is how I used Photopeach with my YLS!
They were learning there to be and the vocabulary was about parts of the house and pieces of furniture. I asked them to draw their bedrooms, and write sentences. One sentence was supposed to be false. I put together, and they had a great time playing the game. Eventhough they could see the picture, there was still  information gap. They liked the challenge. I hope you like it too and give it a try.
Cheers from Brazil,
Our Bedrooms – C4 on PhotoPeach



2 thoughts on “Dani Lyra’s Photopeach,

  1. Hi Dani,What a great idea for using PhotoPeach!!I ove the fact that you used your students’ drawings in this way as well – it must be very motivating for them to see their work utilised in this way. I think this kind of thing helps them feel like an important part of the lesson.Thanks for sharing – I will use this idea with my learners!Dave

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