This is not a video so it should come under the category of Comics but it looks really fun and wanted to share with you all!
It may be a fun activity for our students to come up with an idea for a parade!
This is my idea!

Happy DSTing!!



6 thoughts on “Digital-Write-Ables

  1. Interesting! A great way to prompt some creative thinking or use as a reflection at the end of an activity. I didn’t see this feature when I made my comic.

  2. Thanks all for the hearts. @Katheleen, A word "interesting" from Kathleen Kampa is like getting A+ for my final test!!! Thank you! Apparently, this is a new feature. I found it on FB site of them.

  3. Nice idea. Quick question. Is it possible to make the text area bigger to include more writing? (obviously you do not need to in this case but I was just wondering if it was possible :)) Thanks

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