Peter’s 321 Introduction

Hi everyone. I made a storybird for my intro321 task. I hope that you like it. Sorry that it is so late but better late than never!!!!

I wanted to use Animoto but because I do not have a paid account, I felt that 30 seconds would be a wee bit too short. So here is m??
y wee story instead. I hope that you like it.??

7 thoughts on “Peter’s 321 Introduction

  1. Hi Dave, That is a good question! I hadn’t even thought about it! I think I started with one picture and built it from there. The pictures are so good that they kinda of create the story themselves! It was my first time using Storybird. Do you know if you can mix pictures by different artists in the one story or do you have to stick with one artist for each story?

  2. Hi Tamyoshiz, Great Storybird! Very poetic. When I am feeling low, I am definitely going to think about cats. Although I am not sure the kimono would work! (???_???;)

  3. Absolutely fantastic work! Really loved your story. I would like to share it with my kids/students. We don’t get so much rain in Tokyo but we had snow the other day :-)Hope you will post more stories!

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