Domo Animate: Little Pleasures Top 5

Dear all,
Just got this idea last night while I lost my sleep because of severe coughing. I am having a first fly in my life at the moment. My body aches with a high fever and nasty coughs but
thinking about this story, 5 little pleasures helped me to go back to sleep again 🙂
Of course, it is a bit trippy one again because I am delusional with high fever. Ha-ha! Even flu inspires me to make stories. That’s how powerful this EVO session is to my mind and this Domo Animate site is absolutely fantastic with super easy usage!
Chiyuki Little Pleasure Top 5 by chicoconut

Like it? Create your own at It’s free and fun!


3 thoughts on “Domo Animate: Little Pleasures Top 5

  1. Hi Chiyuki,First of all, get well soon! I wish you a speedy recovery.And thank you for making this video and contributing to the course despite your illness. :)I think tools like these are great to let our students be creative and also encourage reading without them realising they are reading!!Great job!DaveP.S. We had heavy snow in Ankara yesterday too!

  2. Thanks, Dave! I feel much better today!I completely agree with what you have said. Hope you won’t have so many troubles due to the heavy snow in Ankara. Tokyo was in panic next day.Chiyuki

  3. Chiyuki, I hope you are much better than yesterday!! Thanks for trying Domonation. It’s the similar with Goanimate and a safer version of it.

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