The Snow of Memories

Dear all,

I have made this by Smilebox. Downloadable easy tool for video letters, albums and greeting cards. Had a great fun making this and reflecting last year.

I was thinking to ask my students to do the same with this easy tool. I might ask them to get some photos from last year and write a description for each photo at the back. They can choose design, music and arrengement of their photos on Smilbox. Then I can mail their creation to them through e-mail. Or we will make Valentine video greetingcards.

Hope you will enjoy Smilebox as well.




4 thoughts on “The Snow of Memories

  1. Hi Chiyuki,Thanks for this great project. I had never heard of Smilebox before but it looks like a wonderful tool!The sound played fine when I clicked on the link.Dave

  2. I loved how you have used Smilebox and thank you very much for showing us a very good example of it! Loved the music, I can listen to it many times …

  3. I am glad that the sound is fine. Thank you for your hearts and encouraging comments!I really love Smilebox. It has so much potential…I am afraid I am quite addicted to it 🙂

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