Helen Onyshchenko’s videostory with Animoto




Today I’ve started exploring Animoto. My 7-y.o. daughter had a project task to write about her day, and we did it on paper yesterday. Now I’ve tried to do the same project with Animoto. It’s very easy to use and fun, but toooo short. This 30 seconds limit is killing me! We couldn’t even make it to the middle of the day! lol.. and the text space is very short, too. So the free account on Animoto is good for ‘very’ short projects 🙂
I did it together with my daughter and she wanted at once to push all the editing buttons herself, and she enjoyed the result!

Cheers, Helen


8 thoughts on “Helen Onyshchenko’s videostory with Animoto

  1. This is a really nice video Helen! :)The limited ‘Free’ versions can be frustrating – I suppose the whole idea is to make you want to pay for the full version instead!Great to hear that your daughter enjoyed it as well

  2. Mrs.N, thank you soooo much for this advice! I have just applied for an educator upgrade and now I can make 3 min videos! Amazing! Thanks thanks thanks! :)))

  3. Definitely too short for this interesting story of your daughter. I would love to watch much much longer version of this 🙂

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