My students’ comic

Hi all,
I know we’re on to Week 3, but I wanted to try out what I learned in week 2. My students LOVED doing this! We’ve been learning about things that we can and can’t do. They referred to their books to make sure they typed everything in correctly. Great for learning the conventions of writing–capital letters, punctuation, etc. and understanding conversations. We even created voices for the characters when we read it to their parents.

By the way, is there a way to get many bubbles in the last screen for a “We”?


Instead of using Jing, I used command, shift, and 4 together. I dragged the icon from the corner over the image. You’ll hear a click, and then you have a screen shot of your image.


3 thoughts on “My students’ comic

  1. Great, Kathy! Glad you have access to the Mac shortcut for screen shots. Unfortunately, not all computers can do that :(I love activities like this where I don’t have to nag about spelling and punctuation. Because it’s going to be shared, students police themselves!There isn’t a multiple hook speech bubble in Make Beliefs (unfortunately). You could use a panel prompt (the rectangle with no hook). Not exactly the same thing, but maybe ok.Since your students had fun with voices, you could always paste your screen shot of the comic in a keynote slide, record them, and then embed the recording in the slide. (It’s what I did for the samples on the wiki.) Collect a bunch of comics and they’d have their own digital audio comic book! You could put it online to share, or you could burn a copy to a disk for students to take home. It could be a lot of fun!I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!

  2. Hi Barbara,Thanks for all of your great suggestions! I didn’t realize I so lucky having Mac shortcuts. The kids were so excited to do this today. It was a nice cooperative activity.Kathy

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