Tree- house Wk3

Use this video to speak about different kinds of houses and practice structure There is, There are
Ruslana, Ukraine Tree-house (("tag: Wk3, videostories"))


4 thoughts on “Tree- house Wk3

  1. Dear Ruslana,It’s great to see another teacher from Ukraine here! (I’m from Brovary, Ukraine). Thanks for sharing this video, it’s so nice and interesting! You’ve even chosen a song about a house! This video can be used as a lesson teaser or as a project example for students.Your video was longer than 30 sec., so I guess you got premium membership account? Could you tell me how the payment is done? I’ve never made online payments and thought that from Ukraine it’s problematic to pay for such services as this website. Do I need a credit card for this?It would also be great if you told whether you already use any digital tools with your students.Best regards,Helen

  2. Hi again, I’ve already learned how to make longer videos on Animoto with educator’s update, so half of my questions in the previous comment are gone :)))By the way, are you Ruslana from TLT community wiki? 🙂

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