Yuly’s favorite tool


Here’s my ScreenChomp video! About my favorite tool: GoAnimate.

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3 thoughts on “Yuly’s favorite tool

  1. Dear Yuly ,Thanks for the voice rec.It is great to hear your comment in your own voice:)))I agree Go Animate is a great tool for video stories:))Regards,Buket.

  2. Thanks for this – I didn’t know there was a "screencast" app for ipad (called screen chomp)I went to take the tage out of the title lline even with double parenthases, if the word "tag" is missing, the tags remain in the title i.e. ((wk-3, videostories)) remains in the title line, while ((tag: Wk-3, videostories)) sends wk3 and videostories as tags and NOT in the title !So while I was there, I took a picture (using Jing) and added it to your post :-)Thanks for helping us all to learn more :-)Amiti??sElizabethA

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Yuly. I am also a fan of GoAnimate. :)And thank you for indirectly sharing ScreenChomp. I’m going to download it now 🙂

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