Dani Lyra’s Favorite Tool,


Hey everyone! I loved task 5 in week 3 because Smories is such an inspirational way to spread the reading bug among our learners. I chose Jing to make my video. Please, let me know what you think!
Cheers from Brazil!


4 thoughts on “Dani Lyra’s Favorite Tool,

  1. Daniela you??ve been working so hard! Congratulations. I agree with you that Jing is a wonderful tool to make a collage. Keep up the great work šŸ™‚

  2. Greeting form Argentina! I was watching your video, and your idea is great. It is kind of a challenge to adapt these tools to work with younger learners who are trying to make sense of the language. I’ve tried to use Jing, but it seems I have to download it? Am I right? Thanks!

  3. Hi Maria! I customized the icons on jing, and I added the one that uploads the recording to youtube. You can also download the MP4 file and upload it yourself. I had to spend some time on it to get it right, but I believe it was worth it. There are some tutorials too.

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Dani.You are right – Smories is pitched at native speakers but it may be useful to show it to inspire our learners to make their own videos.Jing or any other screencasting tool is great for a collage of work, especially if we got the kids to narrate it. :)Dave

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