Diane’s Video Stories


I’d like to share two tools I’ve used personally and in the classroom.

I’m not new to using Animoto.. only the 30 sec video option though. So, I was very pleased to see you could sign up for the Educator’s account for
full-length videos. The best feature is being able to import your photos or videos from Instragram (yay!), Flickr and Picasso.. definitely sources that 
I use for my photo storage.  I only wish that you didn’t have to import an entire folder and go back to delete them from your project.  While my movie
is of my dog- in the classroom, we actually do alot of collaborative -group work projects. The 4th grade is getting ready to  present a “Living Museum” as an extension of the Biography unit. Every 4th grader researched a famous person and then, dresses the part and reads their script as if they are that person.  The Living
Museum is set up in the gym and cafeteria to allow all the students to present at one time.  Parents, teachers and students randomly walk around to visit
each presentation. I could see recording their presentations and taking photos.. then using animoto as a culminating project afterwards.

This videostory is about my akita, Tula and her cousin, Norwood.

Or here’s the link: 

The second tool I used wasn’t listed.. Glogster.  For one of my reading groups, we read a story comprised of several short chapter stories. The theme was to predict why the book was titled, SPRAK and predictions were made after the chapters.  At the end, each student choose a story to summarize, read it from the teleprompter
app off my ipad while I recorded them from my iphone, and we used the videos to create a presentation of the book on Glogster.

Take a look.

Special Educator gr. 3-5
(Boston USA)

One thought on “Diane’s Video Stories

  1. Hi Diane, I love your Living Museum project. What a great idea! I would love to see the animoto which you make of it. I also love how you used Glogster. I have not used it myself yet and I had only seen it as a way to introduce yourself up until now but after seeing what you did, I can see its potential and I am definitely going to introduce to my class next semester (I am always saying I am definitely going to do something next semester but I really mean it this time!). Very impressed with how you used your iphone and ipad too. Sometimes teachers use the lack of technology at a school to justify not using technology in the classroom and often ignore the tech that they and the students bring to the classes themselves. I have been guilty of this myself but as your examples prove, I have no more excuses 🙂 By the way, the video quality on the iphone is very impressive! I am looking forward to seeing more of your ideas

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