Erika Oya’s Dvolver


Hello everyone!

I really liked the tool…all of them. You can have great activitites in the classroom. And for all levels. They can be used as warmers, or as a starter for a topic discussion, also to wrap up a lesson and review some new vocabulary and expressions. I think theat the way er can use these tools are endless….we just have to use our creativity and adapt according to our students level and age. They can also be used as tools to a project, students create their own videos based on the content and directions of the teachers.
Thank you. 



2 thoughts on “Erika Oya’s Dvolver

  1. Hi Erika,When you send the Dvolver to Posterous by email, you must just include the link (and not the embed code" in your emailYou can use the embed code when posting on the web (on your own Posterous)Some tools (e.g. You Tube) do embed an iimage when you send the link by email, and others, like devolver just put the link in the post.So when posting Dvolver by email, you can take a picture of the screen (using Jing) and attach it to the email – then the picture will appear next to the link.See the tutorials here which explain much more clearly's great you’re enjoying the tools 🙂

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