Week 2 Comic by Peter

This is my project for week two about how things have been going….or not going :)……

I used Comicmaster to make it. While the graphics are quite nice, I found the tool quite limited. There are not many characters to choose from and it is very awkward to add or remove scenes once you have chosen a format. Because of this, I do not think I would use it in my classroom except perhaps to make a superhero poster or something.  

I also tried to make a comic using the garfield comic generator but I am not sure if it saved properly (I tried to save the comic strips as jpg files but they are not showing up as jpgs on my computer. Fingers crossed 🙂 








2 thoughts on “Week 2 Comic by Peter

  1. Hi Peter, we can’t see your Garfield strip, only downloadable files in a strange format! Can you go back to the Garfield website and try to save it again? We’d love to see it 🙂

  2. I love your superheroes! Such a clever way to personalize all of the ways life interferes with our online learning :)I can relate to Multitasking Man!

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