VoiceThread : Colorful

Hi all,

This is the second post of my picture story. I made it with Storybird’s illustration. 
Please let me know what you think!



7 thoughts on “VoiceThread : Colorful

  1. It’s lovely, Chiyuki! You could play the VoiceThread in class and ask the children to name more objects they can see or think of with those colours and record their voices. They could also name the colours in the later pictures and answer you question with their favourite colour. This way it would be a collaborative story 🙂

  2. Michelle, what a lovely idea! Thank you! I will enjoy collaborating with 3year olds! That would be so wonderful!!!Hope you will comment on our work later :-)CheersChiyukiPS Thanks for your support to delete and change my posts again!

  3. Dear Chiyuki thanks a lot for this great sharing:)))I tried but I couldn’t make comment on voice thread:( My favorite color is bitter chocolate brown for cup cake:))))LOL,Buket:)))

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