Inside of the Heart

Dear All,


This is another story I posted on VoiceThread. The last one is very simple but this one has a bit deeper message. 

Since I started Yoga, I’ve become more aware of the connection between the mind and the soul. This is about the connection. It also introduces various adjectives and verbs. 

Any comments will be appreciated!



9 thoughts on “Inside of the Heart

  1. it seems to me that your voicethread is private – when I click on the link it says that I do not have permission to view it :-(could you check that please ?

  2. Oh! Sorry and thank you, Elizabeth, for pointing that out! It was still in private setting. Now it is open to everyone! Hope you will see it and possibly leave a message for me, please?Thanks in advance!Chiyuki

  3. Dear Chiyuki,Thanks a lot for this awesome story illustrated with beautiful pictures:)I feel lucky that I have a chance to meet one of those sweet,kind and extremely creative tiny people:)))I’m extremely glad to be friends with you; you inspire me a lot:))))All the best:)Buket.

  4. Dear Buket,The same to you 🙂 I feel very lucky to make friends with you and am really thrilled to know that you liked my story.Best,Chiyuki

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