Unchained Soul

Hi everyone,
This is a poet who I admire the most 🙂 

I used Roxio for this video story. You can’t upload videos unless you upgrade your account but it is quite easy and useful tool to be familiar with. 

I am so ecstatic about sharing this poem with you. Hope you enjoy it!



2 thoughts on “Unchained Soul

  1. Wow! I can see such potential here. Students could learn a lot putting together a slide show about their favorite singer, artist, author, actor, or whatever. Just the act of finding images and writing the text to go along with those could be great language practice, as well as great thinking practice.Thank you for this. I first discovered Emily when I took gothic literature in college as a way to avoid more "serious" literature, but had never seen this poem. It’s going to be one of my favorites, too!

  2. Hi Barbara,Thank you for sharing great idea, using Roxio. I would certainly apply the idea, introducing their heros, to my class with not only elementary school kids but also high schoolers. It would be a wonderful project!I am glad that you like this poem as well 🙂 Emily is such a unique figure in English literature history and I find Gothic Romance so fascinating.

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