Valerica’s Hero Story


Hello everybody!
First I want to thank you all for these weeks of learning and sharing experiences.
For Wk5 I decided to create a Glogster, to explore new tools. Students like Glogster because they use the photos and picture they need for the task, they can add links and videos and the story is easy to be written.
I chose Nadia Comaneci because she is a symbol of hardworking person, a great ambassador for??our country- Romania, she inspires many little girls to practise gymnastics.

2 thoughts on “Valerica’s Hero Story

  1. What a lovely story, Valerica! I can just imagine how much fun your students would have with this tool. It would be fun to see how they chose to put together a poster for their hero. This is a wonderful example.You can also include audio and video in glogs, so, for example, if you found a video on youtube of Nadia performing, you could embed that in the glog!

  2. Thank you. My students like Glogster. They use them for school projects.They are more creative than I was for my Wk5 story. :)I taught them to add links and videos. As you could see I used a link and a video too for my Glogster. Glogster is a great tool because the "poster" is colourful, and we also save paper and ink.

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