Chiyuki’s Hero

Dear all,

I made this last video story of this session, my hero, using Roxio. 

I had so much fun making all the comics and videos throughout the session, encouraged by comments from you. Thank you so much for all your kind and generous supports! 

Any comments will be much appreciated.


7 thoughts on “Chiyuki’s Hero

  1. Thank you Chiyuki for the wonderful sharing of Alice Walker,an American author, poet, and activist.Sharing is learning. Although I have heard the name of Alice Walker, I had a chance to explore more about her with your photoshow:)))Thanks again….LOL,Buket.

  2. Hi everyone! Thanks for the kind comments and hearts!I will post more comments on this to Yahoo group mail :-)Hope you will let me know what you think!Best,Chiyuki

  3. Thanks for the show!It’s amazing the quality of our digital production and how easy it is nowadays to inspire ourselves and our students. I have never used Roxio, but I will give it a try!

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