Graciela-3-2-1 Introduction


Graciela-3-2-1 Introduction ((tag: Wk 1, 321Intro))

Graciela te ha invitado a ver su ??lbum. Este ??lbum tiene 4 archivos.


Peter’s 321 Introduction

Hi everyone. I made a storybird for my intro321 task. I hope that you like it. Sorry that it is so late but better late than never!!!!

I wanted to use Animoto but because I do not have a paid account, I felt that 30 seconds would be a wee bit too short. So here is m??
y wee story instead. I hope that you like it.??

Kathy’s 321 Introduction


Alison Miyake’s 321 Introduction

3: I love yoga and reading. I am originally from Vancouver Island, but have been living in Japan for 14 years.  I like learning languages.

2: walking in the woods, being with family

1: set up seminars for people relocating overseas to teach them about the local culture, and provide cross-cultural and language training

Alison Miyake


Ruslana Shamanska’s introduction VOKI



Heather Davis – 3,2,1 Introduction

My Animoto 3,2,1 Introductory Video

twitter:?? @toadie1951
Personal Skype: greenisle13
Professional Skype: heatheratschool
Second Life: siobhan oceanlane


Caroline’s 3,2,1, introduction

Hi everyone
I'm Caroline from Australia and I work with Community Languages teachers. I'd like to see Community Languages students creating digital stories as part of their lessons and homework.
Here's my introduction: